Background: Broadsy Technologies, a leading software development company, specializes in providing innovative solutions for various industries. With a growing demand for efficient warehouse management systems (WMS), Broadsy embarked on a project to develop a cutting-edge WMS to address the challenges faced by businesses in managing their inventory, orders, and logistics effectively.

Client Profile: One of our clients, our client, a global logistics company, approached them with a requirement for a comprehensive WMS solution to streamline their warehouse operations. Our client operates multiple warehouses across different regions, managing a vast inventory of products for various clients.

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Odoo Applications: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Helpdesk, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing

3rd party integration - DTDC, UPS, TRANSDIRECT

Hosting & Edition: Odoo Sh Enterprise


  1. Inventory Management: Our client struggled with tracking inventory accurately across multiple warehouses, leading to stockouts, overstock situations, and inefficiencies in order fulfillment.
  2. Order Processing: Manual order processing resulted in errors, delays, and inconsistencies in fulfilling customer orders promptly.
  3. Warehouse Optimization: Lack of real-time visibility into warehouse operations hindered effective resource utilization and space optimization.
  4. Integration: Integration with existing enterprise systems and third-party logistics providers was a challenge due to compatibility issues and disparate systems.


  1. Inventory Management:

    • Real-time Inventory Tracking: The WMS implemented RFID and barcode scanning technologies to provide real-time visibility into inventory levels across all warehouses.
    • Automated Replenishment: Automated alerts and triggers were set up to notify when inventory levels reached predefined thresholds, enabling proactive replenishment and preventing stockouts.
    • Batch and Lot Tracking: The system allowed for tracking inventory by batches and lots, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating recalls if necessary.
  2. Order Processing:

    • Order Automation: The WMS automated the order processing workflow, from order capture to fulfillment, reducing manual errors and processing time.
    • Order Prioritization: Dynamic prioritization algorithms were implemented to prioritize orders based on factors such as delivery urgency, customer preferences, and inventory availability.
  3. Warehouse Optimization:

    • Space Optimization: The WMS optimized warehouse space utilization through intelligent slotting algorithms, minimizing travel time and maximizing storage capacity.
    • Resource Allocation: Real-time analytics and reporting provided insights into resource utilization, enabling our client to allocate resources efficiently and optimize workforce productivity.
  4. Integration:

    • Seamless Integration: The WMS was designed with open APIs and modular architecture, allowing seamless integration with our clients’ existing enterprise systems and third-party logistics providers.
    • Customization: Broadsy Technologies worked closely with them to customize the WMS according to their specific requirements and workflows, ensuring smooth integration and minimal disruption to operations.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Broadsy Technologies’ Warehouse Management System yielded significant benefits for XYZ Logistics:

  • Improved Inventory Accuracy: Real-time inventory tracking and automated replenishment reduced stockouts and overstock situations, leading to improved inventory accuracy.
  • Enhanced Order Fulfillment: Automated order processing and prioritization resulted in faster order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Warehouse optimization and resource allocation led to increased operational efficiency and cost savings for them.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamless integration with existing systems and logistics partners improved data accuracy and streamlined workflows.


Broadsy Technologies’ Warehouse Management System proved to be a game-changer for our client, enabling them to overcome the challenges associated with managing their warehouses effectively. By leveraging advanced technologies and customized solutions, Broadsy Technologies helped them to optimize their warehouse operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.