Engagement Models

web devlopment company

Fixed fee

Reflects client requirements & business needs accurately Chalks out clear milestones & objectives to increase speed & efficiency Assures adherence to timelines & budgets. Payments based on milestones or partial deliverables proving to be advantageous for the client

Time & Material

Suits dynamic requirements & unpredictable, intricate operations A very logical choice for projects with indefinable scope Offers easy inclusion of new requirements into the scope Implies greater flexibility & cost effectiveness as the time of the resources can be utilized for changing requirements


The dedicated resources software model is a business model of business collaboration between the customer and the service provider in software outsourcing.

Dedicated Resource Model offers IT professionals/engineers that will fully concentrate on the client’s needs, client has full management control over the project and IT professionals / engineers.Specifically, upon contract signing, the software client obtains a team of remote software developers at his disposal, selected according to the requirements of a project.

Dedicated Resource

A small scope implemented by Broadsy in a very short time to give the client a flavour of our .Project management practices .Quality & testing processes
Development & review methodologies .Infrastructure & security policies .Assists customers in deciding a “Go” or a “No Go” for large projects .Minimizes risks taken by clients