Native iOS app to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers


“This native iOS application serves as a vital link between patients and healthcare providers, enabling patients to actively monitor their health and stay informed about their vital signs. Through the app, patients and their caregivers can conveniently measure essential health metrics such as blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, and more using compatible medical devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities.


The app seamlessly connects with various medical devices, including pulse oximeters, weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, and others, allowing users to effortlessly sync their readings with their mobile devices. Furthermore, users have the option to securely share their health data with their healthcare providers and engage in real-time communication via chat or audio calls with medical professionals.”



(IDE)- Xcode 15

CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager

Interface Builder - XIBs and Storyboards

Test Kit - XCTest & OCMockito

Version Control - Git

Key Features

"Patients can connect their medical devices to their phones to obtain measurements of their health status across various parameters."

"Patients can view their previously recorded vital signs."

"They can securely share the collected data with their doctors either through the app using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology or manually."

"Patients can engage in audio or video calls with doctors for assistance."

"They have the option to share their location with healthcare providers, if necessary."

"Patients can access real-time treatment by calling the emergency number provided in the application."